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Welcome to the Maude’s Awards blog! We’re sharing news and information on innovations in Alzheimer’s and dementia care from partner organizations and Maude’s Award recipients, as well as more information about the Awards.

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An Interview with Ann Wheat of Duet Partners In Health & Aging

The Executive Director of Maude’s Awards, Marilyn Raichle, was joined by Ann Wheat, Executive Director of the 2021 Maude’s Award recipient Duet Partners In Health & Aging, for a conversation about how Duet’s programming has expanded in scope and impact since winning the award. The conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity.  Marilyn:…

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An Interview with Marigrace Becker of The Memory Hub

Recently, Maude’s Awards Executive Director Marilyn Raichle sat down for an interview with Marigrace Becker, Director of the Memory Hub: A Place for Dementia-Friendly Community, Collaboration, and Impact. The Memory Hub opened in Seattle in the past year, and in this conversation they talk about how the Memory Hub came to be, how Marigrace sees…

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A Message from our Chairman on COVID-19

March 2020 Dear Friends and Colleagues, Amid the challenges of COVID-19, we at Maude’s Awards convey our profound appreciation for the individuals and organizations working to keep our communities safe and connected. From the medical workers on the front lines, the team members at Senior Living and Memory Care facilities, and the families and friends…

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